Why can’t the CSA do what they are paid to do?

May 18, 2013

My son’s father recorded a change of circumstances in October 14th or 15th 2012, due to changing his job. I was only made aware of this when there was no payment made by him in November. I didn’t receive a call from the Child Support Agency to inform me of this. Bare in mind this was November and I was due to be down £200 for the following three months (they say this is how long it takes to deal with changes), a total of £600. It has now been 8 months with no payments due to the CSA’a incompetances.

I called the agency early January after 4Th January 2013 and was informed that the matter had been dealt with and I would receive a letter in the mail. I received a call on the 9th of January 2013 where by a male asked me if my son’s dad was taking him on a Thursday night. I said that yes this was the case and it was only happening while his partner was on maternity leave. So far it had only happened the last two weeks and I didn’t know how long she planned to take off. I was then asked if it was a temporary arrangement to which I said yes but I didn’t know how long it was going to last.

I then called the agency a few days later, as I had not received the letter I was told was on its way. I was told it could take up to two weeks for the letter to reach me and I should wait and call back.

I then called after the two weeks and was informed by the person who answered the phone that they could not help me and my case worker would call me back. I received no call. I then called back on 31st January 2013 and was informed that the case had been escalated and I would receive a mandatory call back within 24 hours. NO CALL after 142 hours!!!!!! I called again on 6th February 2013 and I was passed to a manager who told me that due to the conversation on the 9th of January 2013, the case was held back. I asked what this was due to and I was informed that I had told the operator on the 9th of January that my son’s dad had only taken him during paternity leave on a Thursday for two weeks. I was shocked to say the least because this certainly was not the conversation I had. I asked for the recording of this conversation listened to. I have never been informed what the outcome was. I was then informed that I would receive a call Thursday 7th February 2013, to basically tell me that the case had been escalated. This is obviously a new BUZZ word. I asked what time scales the agency now had to deal with the case as it had been escalated. To my horror I was informed a further 84 days. Are you kidding me? Escalation clearly means nothing considering the normal time scale is 3 months 90 to 93 days.

This is not the first time I had issues with the agency. Last August 2011 my son’s father changed jobs and it took the agency nearly 9 months to deal with the matter. This is beyond unacceptable. It’s an absolute disgrace. My son has done without all through the Christmas period and is still suffering. His dad has made no attempt to make voluntary payments and will be quite happy to be free from paying maintenance for months and re pay his arrears in little amounts over the coming year.

On the 7 March 2013 (6 months after the change of circumstances had been made by my son’s father) I received a call from Sophie from the complaints department and I was told the assessment had been completed and I received copies in the post. I was also informed that my son’s father’s employer had until the 16th April 2013 to implement the deduction of earnings order. She also informed me that the complaint would be closed and could be re opened within 6 months if there were any further problems. At this stage I was relieved that the whole mess was coming to a close.

I waited until the 8th May 2013 (two months after the last call), still no payment received. I called CSA and spoke with Imran who was extremely unhelpful telling me the matter was still being assessed, what???????????? I got extremely irritated as no two people seem to sing from the same hymn sheet in that place. Imran then informed me that there were no such time scales that have to be met by employers to implement the deduction of earnings order. Yet another contradiction of what Sophie had advised me. I then spoke to his manager as I was getting nowhere with him. She was very helpful and contacted the complaints department and a lady by the name of Shovana (who was dealing with the deduction of earnings form) and then called my son’s father’s employer who told her that he no longer worked for them. The manager also advised me that according to the complaints department it was my son’s father who raised the initial complaint not me. What is going on here? The staff in this organisation seem to be unable to read the correct information from as screen, deal with changes within the delegated time scale (3 months) and cause more problems with the errors they make constantly. This situation is a disgrace.

I have since been advised by my son’s father that he called to inform CSA that he no longer worked for an employment agency to work in BT, he is now employed by BT directly.

I was also advised on the 8th May that I would receive a call back within 5 days. This is now the 14th of May. It’s just disgusting the constant lies I’m being told to get me off the phone.
Why cant the CSA do as they are paid to do and why cant they make my son’s father make some kind of payment until this is sorted. I fear that another calcualation will be required as his earnings will have changed.


  • Macon says:

    The poor man will have 40 % of his pay taken of him when it is sorted and I am sure you will be happy then and then the new born kid will suffer if he has payed all the time why not arrange a private arrangement as this will bypass the CSA and stop frustration on both sides !!!

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