Why can’t I get the answers from the CSA?

November 2, 2014

Three Questions:

Do the CSA automatically cease deductions according to child’s date of birth?

Do the CSA regularly check if the child is enrolled AND actually attends full time approved education?

Do the CSA reguarly check if the child has started full time paid employment?

The CSA plan to continue deductions for at least 11 months after the child’s 20th birthday and the child is in full time paid employment…..

I cannot understand for what reason and I cannot get any answers.


  • Bekah says:

    No they don’t, you have to inform the CSA when CB stops but I advise you record your conversation off possible as I informed them and they carried on paying and I called them to clarify why and they took me payments would stop on the September after my son turned 18. This turned out to be untrue and now they’re claiming I owe the NRP £4k in overpayment, despite the fact I checked. I even called them again when he turned 18 and they still said the same!

  • Bill says:

    The CSA do not automatically close a case when the child reaches the age of 20.
    The CSA do not check that a child is attending an educational institution.
    The CSA do not check if a child is in full time employment.

    The CSA will check to see if the child benefit is still in payment if the NRP requests.
    The CSA will check with the PWC if the NRP enquires about employment or educational status of the child.
    The CSA will check the child’s age and entitlement if the NRP requests it.
    The CSA will only take payments after the age of 20 if there are arrears due.
    The CSA may take along time to complete any simple task.
    The NRP must request the CSA to deal with any changes, do not rely on them to do anything automatically.

  • jsmith says:

    Thanks Bill

    Very useful information.

    Sounds like they have a licence to steal…………..

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