Why can CSA not be taken from parents outside of the UK?

February 23, 2014

Why on earth cant csa be taken off other parent if moved out of the uk? i am so sick of sons father letting him down he tells him he will send my son money for christmas and birthdays and yet not a penny off him my son has just turned teenager and keeps getting let down and then im left 2 pick up the pieces i think its all wrong if parent lived in uk and moved out of it they should still have to pay my sons dad has married over there and supported hes wife and her kids when they have own father why on earth shouldnt he have to support hes own?

This has been going on yrs now him letting him down was ok when he was little not understanding but now understands and getting promised this that and then getting let down and then when comes to uk has son for day well wont be doing that no more ill be stopping it then father expects me to pay for sons passport so son can go over to him


  • caz says:

    i domt tell my son hes gettin anything hes dad does its not bout the money dave 4 me its way hes dad says sendin him this and that and lets him down all time its not money hes promised him its gifts aswell hes dad asked me 2 buy my son hes passport so son cud go and spend time with him y shud i buy it 4 hes dads benefit its not me who moved away if hes dad wants 2 spend time with hes son i have neva stopped him even wen hes came bk 2 uk ive let him have son till day b4 goes bk its the lettin him down all time does my head in and i wood let my son go 2 him if he paid 4 it its 4 him 2 c hes son and best is he wont do it

  • stevo says:

    what a greedy sponging hasbeen. I am moving out of the UK to escape the exact shit you clearly give ypur ex , no womder he moved on with you the psycho using his boy as a weapon no doubt , we all try and try and we will all walk away when women like you think they can manipulate the system by climing every benefit under the sun keeping a child as a weapon and expecting us to pay for the privilage, I wonder how many times you call the csa a week moaning and groaning about him instead of getting off your ass and doing the thing we all do WORK! Do me a favour reflect on your behaviour over the years and see who is the crank here!!!!! ten years we habe had of it and we are now off hooooooorrrrrraaaaayyyyyyy never to see the likes of you again you miserable horrible money grabbing overweight spinster. The best men always move on from cranks like you and start again whilst you stew for decades and I love it you sad waste of life…. try a rope and a tree branch!

  • caz says:

    omg that was bit harsh wasnt it he has bin gone 7yrs and i have neva had a penny off him but now promises son this that and other and lets him down all the time and as 4 work how do u no i dont? and as 4 rope frm a tree thanx really was there any need 2 b so harsh? and im not usin my kid as a weapon at all i have neva claimed it for any of my other kids as dad is in uk and wen he left us he didnt bother with kids sons dad moved out uk and wen he does come over here i let him have hes son its way he expects me 2 pay for my on 2 go ova 2 c him

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