Why aren’t DNA tests free?

October 21, 2014

I have two kids from my marriage in 1994,we divorced after two and a half years. had to get rid of him as he was as officials put it a deviant, lots of stuff came out about him and he lost all his parental rights as he was labled a sex offender and sent to prison.

I never chased up for money from him as I didn’t want him near my kids or any of my family or myself.seeing as the law stood then as a single parent if you didn’t work the money went to the government,last year I found out that no matter if you work or not the money goes to the children,so I made a claim but was told hes unemployed so I got 10 pounds a fortnight for two kids.

I had four payments then after 16 years of not seeing him I spotted him on a website adverstiing his work,i contacted the benefits team and he was fraudulently claiming benefits and I got to know he was earning 480 pounds a week from the letter from csa,when he was told he had to pay me plus backmoney from when I made the claim he said the kids were not his,,lol but refused to pay for he dna test he knew he would be wasting his money as they are his children.

Now he has suddenly had a dramatic drop on his wages, not just once but twice in three weeks so it means less for my kids,so far ive had 4 x 10 pounds 120 pounds 3x 68 pounds, not much to say my kids are 18 and 15 years old.his other sons from his first marriage have had everything they want,was just the same when I was with him my newborn daughter got nothing his boys did.

I think the whole system stinks,for both sides I think that the dna tests should be free that way men or women cant argue that they are paying for kids that are not theirs.it would be much better.