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Why are you helping NRPs get away without paying?

The CSA are doing everything they can to try and help me get some money from the no good non paying non resident parent and its websites like this that help that loser avoid paying for his children.

I work my backside off to put food on my kids plates and clothes on their back and those maintenance payments would make a huge difference to my childrens lifestyles. Yes I appreciate there are some non resident parents who are being wrongly treated by the CSA but what about the ones you are helping that should be paying for their children.

HUGE Thankyou for helping me and my children struggle more than what we should have to!!

7 thoughts on “Why are you helping NRPs get away without paying?

  1. Have you read the numerous posts on this website?
    If you care to do so you will find most of us have little or no time for NRPs who avoid their responsibilities.
    Neither do most of us have any time for female PWCs who abuse the system and use fathers to get a child and money.
    This website is about the incompetence of the CSA whether you are a PWC or NRP.
    It’s about fictitious arrears.
    It’s about letters sent without reply.
    Phone calls not being returned.
    The list is endless.

  2. I’m sorry if an nrp doesn’t want to take responsibility then they ain’t going to, you can’t blame websites like this. A lot of posts on here are about nrps who are being hounded constantly and crippled financially by the this dreaded agency. And this website also helps pwcs who have deadbeats for exes, if you asked the right question I’m sure someone would of helped you.

  3. My point was that this is a double sided site that is serving both sides. I have taken some time tonight to read about the people who are in the right- who shouldnt even be hearing from the CSA and I totally accept that this is wrong and needs sorting, but I also cant help sit here knowing that NRP’s that dont want to take responsibility are using the information being given on these sites to their advantage. Maybe Im a lucky one, maybe my case fell on the desk of someone who takes their job seriously and wants to make a difference when they turn up to work. I dont abuse the system, I play by the rules and im frustrated, just as im sure there are many others out there. Its a system, and yes it has its faults- but its a government agency that has too much red tape and follows the prompts on the screen, its not personal to them. The incompetence starts with those who shirk their responsibilities.

  4. Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for support and advice as this is unfortunately common

  5. I agree with this post at the end of day most of the people on here are moaning about paying or not happy they being penalised cause they gotta catch up due to arrears they made their bed,lie in it

  6. my daughter in law recieves £150 a month from my son, she now says she wants to call the csa again because they initially awarded her £190 a month ,but she cancaled this agreement she says to receive the £150 a month cash,would she get the full £190 from the csa as she receives full benifits and does not work thanks

  7. john:- All monies deemed due are payable to PWC even if they are in receipt of benefits since April 2010.

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