Why are we paying so much to call CSA?

April 6, 2015

Why on earth do they only have 0845 numbers? The people who need this service are strapped enough for cash as it is.

Csa’s management should be ashamed of themselves.


  • lee mackness says:

    when i asked the csa could they find out if my daughter was still in full time education as i believe my payments should be reduced they said it was down to me to gain this information.i have not had contact with my children for several years and i dont even know where they live,i asked the csa to get intouch with the education autority so they could find this information out,they said they do not do the,i struggle to get my head round that a goverment body will not do this and then just tell me to get intouch with the benefit fraud agency if i believe im paying too much.happy to take the money off me but wont reduce it, is this not theft why are the csa so difficult,how am i meant to find this out??

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