Why are the CSA hounding me for £12,000?

January 27, 2014

I have payed my ex girlfriend 35£aweek for 17and a half years my son is working and has been for two years she has had from me 33thousand pounds and by my account should have had 28 thousand pounds i am now being persued by the csa saying i owe them 12,000 in money that has not been paid she should have been paid 28,000 so why am i still being hounded for money i do not owe yet she has had this letter saying i owe this 12,000

how can this be when she has had 33,000 and my son has been working for over two years i am out of my wits end i thought all this was over when he reaced 16 he is now nearley 18 and i am still being hounded by her for money she thinks she is going to get where do i stand please i am at my wits end and wonder if its all worth it.


  • mark seaman says:

    a total bunch of incompetent wankers especially GARRY ROBINSON from the Bolton Csa Office.its taken a whole year to get my arrears reassessed and still they wont release info under the freedom of information act.BILL KAY is another one.promised to phone me with result of an offer i made but i get the result by way of social media??
    unfortunatley one day someone will slaughter their ex family through pressure and no one will look at the cause . . . .the CSA

  • jo says:

    See your mp asap, take all your paperwork with you. My husbands ex thought she was getting 17,000 from 17 years ago based on an interim assessment that we sorted out, came back with help of the mp as nil….she didn’t like this and took csa to tribunal with back up of our evidence and it got refused….don’t give up it can be sorted but takes time and no solicitor needed. Good luck

  • Baz says:

    The simple answer my friend is,because they can !! They are a law unto themselves,backed up by a Government who will stop at nothing to criminalise fathers. I had two of them at my door one day and had a letter thrown at my feet. When I bent down to pick it up and subsequently told the one who threw it to”stick it up her big fat arse” she had me charged with assault as apparently she feared for her safety. £160 fine and a criminal record. Anyway, keep your chin up and fight the bastards all the way. One day someone will hack their personell files and publish where they all live, then we’ll see how they like being door stepped.

  • Stephen Rudford says:

    You think sometimes suicide is the only option

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