Why are the CSA after payments when paternity is being disputed?

August 9, 2014

I was hopeing someone could give me some advice on my case. Back In 2003 my ex partner had a baby girl all though not together at the time she told me the chlid was mine and I agreed to put my name on the birth certificate and resumed a relationship with the mother.

6 weeks after the child was born a friend of my ex told me that my ex was positive I wasn’t the father but wanted a father for the baby, I confronted my ex and she admitted she didn’t think I was the father, I then ended the relationship and went off to join the army.

In 2009 the csa just started takeing money out of my wages because I had been in Afghanistan and moved around I hadn’t received any of there letters and was unable to appeal the decision, I arranged for a dna test and the csa informed my ex that if I wasn’t the father she would have to pay all the money back I had paid about 4000, at this point she totally stopped contact with the csa and the company arranging the dna test, as I was Leaving the army at the same time the payments stopped and the csa told me that they would be in contact when my ex was with them that was October 2010.

Last week I received a phone call from the csa because inland revenue have informed them iam working, I have re stated my case to them and my ex has still not been in touch since 2010 , I actually confronted my ex In a pub at xmas 2010 and she told me I wasn’t the f..ing dad but I could whistle for a dna test, my case has know been passed to the complex case team, iv been told that as she opened it only she can close it but they shouldn’t ask for any payments while am disputeing paternity, if anyone has any idea what may happen next or any advice I would be most grateful.