Why are ex’s rewarded for cutting off contact?

June 4, 2014

I have two children from a marriage and one from a relationship after.

I want contact with all my children but the person I have one child with point blank refuses.

CSA take 15% of my wages for that child and will not consider the other two when calculating how much I pay as I have access to them but that involves costs – paying for a house with a bedroom for them, council tax, heating that room plus feeding them and all the other costs.

If I had no access to them the most I would pay is 25% – why is the mother of a child who won’t let me have contact rewarded with more money than the decent parent who, like me wants the best for the children.

The CSA is encouraging mothers to deny fathers access by financially rewarding them! Its disgusting!


  • john smith says:

    Pete ask the woman that you do have contact with to make a claim. This will then mean you have a “multi” case. Three children=25% of your income. The mother of the two children will get 2/3 of this. She can then go “Maintenance Direct”. The awkward one effectively gets her payment reduced form 15% of your income to ~8.3%

  • paul says:

    The whole family court and CSA with the hate fuelled ex will not stop until you are ruined….they are head strong on denying you of a life….bit by bit the state becomes the surragote father….
    You have no rights ..you must be totally obedient to her and their demands….if your an older dad like me by the time the child or children become 18 they won’t know you..and you will be financially ruined…if you dared to try and fight your corner trust me they will destroy you…
    Good luck and happy new year to you and your fatherless kids..

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