Why am I still paying when my son is 19 and working?

September 6, 2012

My son left school earlier this year at the age of 18 & took up full time employment, with earnings of 20,000 pa.

I was led to believe (by your advice team) that my CS would cease when my ex’s CB ceases in September. Due them believing my son had sat one exam in the period of leaving school & now (which he never did).

I was informed by your adviser’s to ring back in September which I have done… Now I am being informed my ex can claim child benefit for my son up until he is 19 although he is in full time employment? As this is being claimed I still have to continue paying CS payments?

I find it disgraceful that your operator’s or so called “trained” advisers could not inform me of this until many phone calls over several months. Also the fact that CB is being claimed when my son is working full time…….

Are the above facts right & if not please will you deal with this in a prompt & efficient manner, hopefully by someone who is competent in their job.



  • chall says:


    Take a look at the following link, it may assist you http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/childbenefit/keep-up-to-date/when-child-aged-16/child-16.htm#7

    It states; “Child starts work
    You must tell the Child Benefit Office if your child starts paid work for 24 hours a week or more after the age of 16. Your payments will normally stop from the Monday after your child starts work.
    But if your child also stays in education or training that counts for Child Benefit, your payments may continue. It doesn’t matter how many hours they work. Your child will need to have started, enrolled or been accepted for a course that counts for Child Benefit before the age of 19.”

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • jay. says:

    You need to ring cb and tell them what is going on. Csa don’t think its a duty to investigate if cb is still being paid to the pwc. Put pressure on them, even see your mp. With what your son is earning surely it means he doesn’t need cs. Good luck.

  • Alice says:

    No way should the PWC be claiming child benefit.If your son is working full time with a wage of £20,000 , when as he got time to study.?My husband has just finished paying CS because his daughters child benefit finished on September 3rd and signed on to JSA on the 7th.I would let your ex know that you are going to report her for benefit fraud,it might just nudge her in the right direction to cancel her claim.If she is claiming child benefit then other benefits will also be claimed.Ring the fraud line and get in touch with your MP if she does not budge.

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