Why am I paying if there is no proof the child is mine?

March 14, 2015

I have been named as a father of a child that i, absolutely, do not believe is mine, after a one night stand,this child is now in their 20’s.

I have been harrassed for over 20yrs by the csa,I am not on the birth certificate,another man is,yet I have payed over £4,500 that was taken from my wages without consent by the csa,I still deny being the father to this child, yet to no avail.

I have also just recently found out that this child was adopted by the womans husband???? When a telephone call came a couple of days ago from the CSA,they said they had made a mistake, but wouldn’t say what that mistake was, and said they couldn’t get hold of the mother for a DNA test(as both parents have to be DNA’d to prove paternity) to put this nightmare to an end,even though I supplied them with her telephone number.

When I responded on this,all they said was that they couldn’t force the DNA on her or phone her,as it would amount to harrassment. Can someone please help….