Why am I paying for my 18 year old son when my little girl suffers?

March 27, 2013

My situation is I have an 18 year old daughter from a previous relationship and a 10 year old son with my ex wife. The case regarding my daughter was closed in 2011. I continued paying my ex wife for my son (through deductions of earnings), however I recently received a better job opportunity and discussed with my ex wife what she would want if I accepted it (as it would involve me having to pay for separate accommodation for four nights a week on top of my current lodgings).

She was happy to receive the same amount of money off me (she realised my increase in salary would be took up by my temporary accommodation, the CSA would not) as it also meant I could spend more time with my son. I then contacted the CSA to enquire how we could set up this arrangement.

They told me it could be done through maintenance direct, however they advised me not to close the case with my son as all my payments would then go to my 18 year old daughter. This was a shock. As I have already stated the case regarding my daughter was closed in 2011, upon which I was informed that it was reopened early 2012 without my knowledge. Then I was informed under new government legislation (DEC 2012) I can be made to pay until she is 20 as she is still classed as a child in full time education.

I was fighting for my country at 18. Now I accept legislation as bad as It is, is legislation, however I was shocked even more to find out my payments are not means tested, basically an 18 year old woman who is more than capable of getting a part time job outside of college to assist herself (like most young adults at college/uni do) is entitled to exactly the same as my ten year old son. I have never shirked the responsibility of paying for my children (I was an easy target during my 15 years in the armed forces, in fact when I was 18, I was paying for my daughter) but I seriously begrudge paying for my daughter now she is 18, even more so knowing it is taking money out of my 10 year old sons pocket.


  • stephen manyweathers says:

    I have a real problem with the csa (ADULT AND SCROUNGERS SUPPORT AGENCY) as it should be called,I am without any money from my wages because a 18 year old who is just a parasite will not work the csa take £340 each month from me while me and my partner try to bring our 14month old son up,nobody can believe the goverment are allowing this to happen,

  • Peach says:

    You dont have to pay for an 18 year old. The maintenance payments stop in the september after the child is 18 as this is when the child benefit stops being paid to the mother, regardless of further education. It is child maintenance, not adult maintenance. You should be questioning why you are still paying it. And you can bet your ass she wont have to give you any over-payments back!
    Good luck 🙂

  • Bill says:

    Child maintenance continues up to the age of 20 as long as the QC is in full time non-advanced (below degree level) and child benefit is in payment.

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