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Why am I paying for children I don’t get to see?

She stopped me having contact with my kids even when we had been through the courts. she knew she used the kids to hurt me – she even changed kids name to her new husbands name without me knowing.

Its not as if I was hiding I was in the next village to her. she knew where I was but kept on telling me no way was I having contact with them .I am not a runaway dad as the csa like to put it as I have married again brought up a stepchild and had a boy of my own we have claimed nothing for my stepchild who I have loved as my own.

my former children are now 33 and 31. they are taking nearly 300 pounds a month out of my wages which I cant afford .the dates they are claiming for are from 1993 to 2000. not only that I had a letter off them on the Friday they took my money out of my wages on the Tuesday how can they do that when it has taken me 7 months so far still not got finale paperwork waiting for it to seek legal advise

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