Why am I paying for all three kids when just one is mine?

May 9, 2014

I made was paying on my arrears for my daughter. My Ex has listed me as the father for two of her other children, I contacted dcss and told them I was only the father of one of the kids, they told me not to worry I was only paying for my daughter.

I recently got on my feet and now in 2013 My ex took me to court to increase my arrears payment, which was fine.

But now she is collecting child support for all three kids, and I was deemed the father in 2010 which I was never made aware of…. please I have another family to support HELP!


  • jo says:

    Go to court to file for non parentage and even a dna test…also see your mp and start writing a letter of complaint outlining facts with dates etc. I don’t know how mothers have the audacity to do this knowing full well they aint the dad….get the real dad to cough up!

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