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Why am I paying £20,000 to not see my daughter?

My ex wife is claiming nearly £20,000 from me through csa. I haven’t seen my daughter for nearly 20 yes. The reason being my ex met someone else when my daughter was 3 years old. l was paying cm up till then. Then my ex refused maintenance because her new partner wanted to bring my daughter up as his own. My ex refused me to see her and they moved away.

My daughter tried to see me when she was 16 but her mother put a stop to it. She is now just over 20 yrs old with 2 children of her own. I have been denied access to my daughter for 20 yrs by her mother. She made all the decisions years ago so why am I having to pay for the privilege of not being able to see my daughter. The csa always works in favour of the mother no matter what the circumstances. She took everything from me 20 yrs ago and now she,s doing it again. The csa should look att facts before they decide who is in the wrong.

One thought on “Why am I paying £20,000 to not see my daughter?

  1. Contact and maintenance for children’s needs , are not related . , both parents have to pay for their children – seeing them or not they still need clothes food etc

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