Why am I getting no response from the CSA?

June 13, 2013

I put in a complaint to the CSA on 16 April, to which I had a phone call approximately two days later to say they had received it I have continually had questions asked and no phone calls, then when I recently spoke to an adviser I was told that the complaint had been closed, apart from the above phone call I know nothing about the out come, I telephoned several times last week and have no answers and received no call backs either


  • stuart says:

    Then complain again mate!!! e-mail your MP and state you expect as per their charter a full response within 15 days.

  • brett says:

    Send the letter recorded delivery and email your MP a copy. This incompetent, vile and corrupt organisation will walk all over you if they can.
    If not happy with the outcome make an appointment with your MP.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Wonderful example of why you MUST NEVER deal with the CSA by telephone.
    By post only so there is a copy of everything.
    Complain again in writing by recorded post with copies sent to your MP.

  • Karen says:

    Make sure you use the words ” I wish to complain” in your letters to CSA otherwise the letter will not be treated as a complaint and will be closed … Simple

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