Who made the CSA God?

July 24, 2013

This goes back to October last year when I lost my job. I phoned the csa to inform them and was told I would hear off them about the changes when its looked into. I was fortunate enough to be offered a job 3 days later and I phoned the csa again to tell them of the new job but was not starting it for another 3 weeks.

I gave them all the details of the new company, expected earnings etc. The said they would sort everything and send me a new payment plan. I heard nothing from them until December saying I had to only pay £5 per week for when I was out of work. I phoned again to explain I was working now and once again I was told they would sort a new payment plan. I made some voluntary payments in the meantime, as much as I could afford to stop too much arrears building up. Numerous phone calls over the next few months and nothing was sorted.

I did not receive any letters nor was I asked to produce payslips. I had always paid direct to my ex partner in the past but like many, she got greedy and thought the csa would get her more money. well they have now by taking it direct from my wages without informing me at all, it was my ex partner who told me what they were going to do. Now they take so much because of an arrears build up that they do not leave my current family enough to live on. I have tried to speak to them many times since but all they tell me is I have a protected earnings allowance but after we pay rent/council tax there is just £173 a month for a family of 5 to live on. I have never been asked about my outgoings etc, they just have a figure they think is correct. Also now I cannot afford to pick my son up as he lives over 70 miles away. Surely they cannot allow the payments to affect access to my son? I went to a tribunal a couple of years back and the judge awarded shared care. that lasted for a couple of weeks when the csa changed it and told me they can over rule a judges decision……who made they god???

I later applied for a variation for my travel costs to pick my son up. It costs us over £100 a month just to pick him up. I was awarded the variation saying I had to pay the 1st £15 a week of the travel costs which worked out they would allow me £10 towards it. 25. somenthing pence per mile, it sounded ok until they said its then worked out on percentages so I was awarded £1 per week to help with the travel, fantastic!! They didn’t even give me that after I changed jobs (for less money too). The agency is run by idiots who don’t know real life situations, just go by a rule book written by others who have no life experience, struggling with low paid jobs etc. I would like to see any government official/worker manage on £173 per month for a family of 5 and lose access to their children because someone else tells them how much they should be paying. I could swear a lot right now but it would not be the right thing to do on here as I a waiting a call back as I write this to tell me how I can appeal against the decision. Heres hoping t will get sorted and I can manage to afford to pick my son up again soon.


  • CSA warrior says:

    Trust me you are not alone on that one.

    I will suggest the following: write a letter of complaint ( I know they wont do much. but hold on.) In your complaint make reference to s2 of the Child support act in fact look it up so you then know what I am on about. In your letter state that they are in breach of S2.

    After this when they say no you will have an option of putting this matter to a tribunal. after which you can appeal a tribunal decision. it doesnr cost you a penny to do this provided that you represent yourself. to do this you will have to research your facts Waterstones can order a CSA hand book for £35 approx. in my scenario I had an informal cahat with the solicitor who kicked my arse. they are quite human but will only spare 5 miniutes. make them count.

    The CSA all know s1: pay up. but they forget S2 which concerns the welfare of the child. remind them.

    From my point of view each appeal to a tribunal costs them money that solicitor chap costs some coins so be a pain in the arse.

    Once u have read the CSA hand book dont forget to help others
    good luck

  • Iruler08 says:

    Agree with CSA Warrior, in my case I was taken to court with it costing + 50k and it’s still going on as I’m appealing. The CSA are exceptionally incompetent and they will lie and deceive to try and confuse and frustrate you. Keep challenging them at every step, stop taking calls and contact them in writing, they must respond within 14 days, if they threaten you that you are being obstructive by not taking calls, tell them you have no obligation to and that when they have written to you all responses have been prompt/reasonable. If they can frustrate us then we can do the same to them and have them incur as much cost as possible, the sooner this and futures governments realise they have gone too far the sooner we can all have a resolution to this total farce!! Don’t give up that’s what they want!!

  • Jason Bramwell says:

    Thanks for the positive replies. Things seem to be taking a turn for the better. They have admitted errors have been made I.e. I am paying too much and the arrears are more than what they should be because they calculated them on the wrong amount of income. I am awaiting a phone call on thursday evening for a full explanation and hopefully the correct calculations. I will post again with the outcome.

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