Who can help me sue the lying CSA?

February 17, 2018

I need to know who i can use to sue them as this case has been closed now for 5 years and we are still dragging their ass threw tribunalk after tribunal they just keep refusing to listen and are clearly lying and have proved this but are still chasing for a debt we have PROVED they casued by lack of any action they did not do a dna test till the kid was 18 hes now 24 and still going threw thie they have done so many incorrect assessments and incorrect figures even though their own deptartments and higher tribunals have identified them they have stiull provided the incorrect figures to the ombudsman even though we produced the right ones to the ICE team and ombudsman the old figures have still been used.

this is rediculus we have paid 86.66 BLACKMAILED FORM US for a debt we have NOT established is owed after all 24 years of fighting this from feb to august totals over 600 pounds now saying they have NEVER received a penny even though have bacnk statements with dates and amounts paid im sick of it its not my case but i feel really down with all this can someone tell me how and who i can use to sue these mo fos.


  • UnfairCSA2018 says:


    Ive had the same dreadful treatment from the CSA. Im not even a dad, but they still managed to take my money through a deo based on a false child maintenance claim. They are now refusing to return over 4k even though dna proved to them 100%.
    Im absolutely fuming. How are they able to carry on without exercising fairness or reasonable judgement. I have decided to challenge their actions in court so Im launching a crowdfunding campaign

    This is the only way they will change, by being challenged because all normal routes (complaints, ice, mp, ombudsman) are fruitless and are not binding.

    If want to support me or know others that would my page at

  • Melanie Parton says:

    Do u know a lawyer that wud sue for compensation for csa case closed 5 yrs ago not gotbit right yet weve been blackmailled to pay we have proved y lavk any action they have put us in debt and want to take at 40Per cent. They have admitted liability

  • David Joseph says:

    Hello DawlishDuck

    Sounds like the solution for you is Judicial Review. I would like to know more so if you would like to discuss your case email me in the first instance at [email protected]


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