Who are they answerable to?

October 12, 2014

Who are the CSA and Child Benefit answerable too?

Are there any Lobbyist / Pressure groups that can joined to make them change the way the system works?

Who can explain what the CSA actually does when there is an issue which is not in their run of the mill, no real work involved scripted solutions?

How do the CSA and Child Benefit research information which has been submitted by me as it seems they actually do nothing and when I ask for proof of th reasearch hey say they cannot discuss with me because of Data protection but I have to keep paying? I refuse to pay until I know what I am paying for so we have a stale mate and they are now threatening me.

Can I take the CSA to court whether a British Court or the European Court?


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  1. Bill on October 12th, 2014 8:57 pm

    They are both government agencies, so are answerable to the government.

    The CSA rely on child benefit payments, if they are in place then maintenance is due, if not in place then no maintenance is due.

    You can first of all ask for any decisions to be revised, if that fails to give you your desired result you can appeal if that fails you can submit your requests to an independent tribunal. If that doesn’t work try your local M.P. or the parliamentary ombudsman.

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