Where will my partner stand if he takes a new job?

February 24, 2014

Hi There,

My partner has voluntarily paid his ex wife on time every month for the past 7 years but, when she heard that we had become engaged she set the CSA on him for no reason as he was paying as usual. I’m afraid that she is one of those PWCs who seem to want to destroy their ex-husband for no obvious reason and resent him creating a new life for himself. I know not all PWCs are like this as I also have female friends who are suffering from ex-husbands who seem to want to do the same thing. What is wrong with these people!

However, we went through a very stressful time dealing with this about a year ago but managed to keep her at bay by my partner being self-employed as he has only had temp work since leaving the army anyway. With the help of our local MP, we managed to get a fair settlement which has been operating for awhile now but now, luckily, my partner has been offered a permanent job and will need to pay her a higher amount, which we are not disputing, but we are wary of what the CSA will do when we inform them of the change in circumstances as we know from previous dealngs that they are totally unscrupulous. My partner had a DEO slapped on him automatically even though he has no record of non-payment and the money is currently being extracted from his army pension.

So the question is – What happens when you inform the CSA of a change of job that will require an increased payment to the PWC? Do they go to the new employer for information even though the amount is taken from his pension? Do we have to fill out another enquiry form/wage slips or do they just accept our figures? Obviously he would like to take the new job but we are really wary of stirring up the CSA so they start their games again. Thank you, Summer


  • jo says:

    Only going by our circumstances, my advice is stay as you are….soon as my husband took a permanent job after being self employed they got a deo and hacked into his wages without warning….I know not one case is the same but it was the biggest mistake he made. If he does take the job, send a change of circumstances via recorded letter, that was our mistake but didn’t know how much grief csa would put us through now. Were 4 years in trying to sort out the mess via our mp. Good luck.

  • Corryn says:

    Becca Bee – do you actually speak english? You write a load of bullshit, its bearly legible. And you are wrong – a lawyer can do nothing about a CSA calculation, its a totally separate entity, lawyers deal with contact – CSA deal with money.

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