Where is my payment?

January 17, 2013

Where is my payment ? After been told 2 wks ago payment was with the bailiffs today the CSA tell me they have taken payment for secretary of states arrears?

Can someone please tell me the balance outstanding to myself as l thought the parent with child gets paid arrears first ?

If he has paid all the arrears to myself £7834.98 can someone please send me this information .


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  1. j on January 17th, 2013 1:29 pm

    Well I’m out of hospital again, don’t you just love the NHS. Will I get a transplant? Its a postcode lottery folks!

    Now then. There are some on here who are still deluded enough to think that the csa were set up to ‘help children’, despite the thousands (and growing) number of horror stories just like the one by Lynsey (above).
    Well I stand by my comments in my blog back in October (Is the csa a scam, you decide!) when I said – “The csa seems to be not much more than a big scam, a tax collection exercise that is destroying lives and having an adverse effect on the economy.”
    There will still be those who love to be right, who must have the last word, who simply want to be cleverer than everyone else. I’m NOT having a go at anyone in particular, (its called being polite) but I do stand by my previous comments which seem to be supported by a majority who have dealt with this morally bankrupt organisation.
    What do you think Lynsey? Ps, this isnt the csa, its a site for mums and dads like you and me who have suffered so maybe you could use a nickname and dont give the name of your children or any personal info in future blogs.
    Usual rules apply – Dont deal with csa on the phone, everything in writing, recorded delivery, formal complaint, get your data prints, get MP involved etc etc
    Read the posts on here and you will get the picture.

  2. chall on January 17th, 2013 7:03 pm


    This isn’t the CSA. You would need to contact them directly to find out what the hold up is.


  3. Alice on January 18th, 2013 10:17 am

    Secretary of State debt should not be paid ahead of PWC debt – if payment has been secured by any means and there is RM or PWC debt this should be paid first – sounds like the banking team have allocated the payment incorrectly – contact the CSA and ask the case worker to speak to the banking team – they can then pull the money back from SoS and pay what is owed to yourself first

  4. j on January 19th, 2013 7:47 pm

    There you go Lynsey, a clear explanation from ‘alice’ and he should know as he works for the csa. Quite simply it shouldn’t have happened, it must be a mistake, a ‘one off’, perhaps it is even your fault in some way?
    Thing is, what people like ‘alice’ (how is ronnie by the way?) seem to ignore is that not only has this situation happened to you, but it isnt a ‘one off’, its happening all the time, thats why sites like this exist. It keeps happening, you are not alone, in my own case, when I was a pwc I got nothing, now I’m an nrp the csa are after me even though I wasn’t working, even though they knew I wasn’t working, even though they failed to follow their own procedures (all verified in my data protection prints) (but I own property) and yet have had the cheek to tell me outright that the money wont go to my other child but will go directly to the secretary of state!
    Still don’t complain, we don’t want people like ‘alice’ to feel as though the fault in some way lies with the csa do we?

  5. Sally on January 21st, 2013 10:44 am

    @ j. – my sentiments exactly – Alice (or whatever the person is) lol lol … is a typical CSA worker who hears only what he/she wants to and replies with a bog standard “CSA will/will not”, when in actual fact CSA staff are not trained properly or interested in what is happening to the people they are dealing with!!

    Alice – has responded to lots of post on here and had to go back and apologise because she ‘had not read the post properly’… that’s the story of the CSA, they employe staff (like Alice) who are too stupid to understand what people are telling them, let alone, question the rules and the ethics/morals behind the whole system and as a result PAYE NRP’s are victimiese and destitute PWC’s are ignored!!!!

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