Where does the burden of proof lie?

March 30, 2015

Basically since 2005 till 2011 I had a private arrange by to pay maintenance.

All payments were made in cash as ex wife demanded she now states I did not pay csa state I owe 1100.

Is the burden of proof by my ex wife and csa I did not pay.


  • Suzanne 3003 says:

    I thought csa only acted from the date of the claim or nearest to week start or end, i cant get with a claim being inplace…. Surely you drew monies from a bank or cash machine at a regular interval and a regular sum to collaborate what you say, would be intrested to know the final outcome with the csa, after reading some of the stories it seems as though rather than ease a maintenance agreement the csa are making parents loath each orher which cannot be healthy for any child to observe, all i have read is men hating their ex and visa versa – surely the emotions should be aimed at the government who engaged an agency who funny enough fail both pwc and nrp – that would be a show of unity and strength to answer too!

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