Where does my son stand with getting a decent amount of money from his dad?

June 16, 2013

My sons dad is always in and out of work never in one job for too long and once he’s out of a job he will claim benefits until he can get employment. If asked him time and time again to book his ideas up and provide for his son but he finds this a challenge, our final agreement was he would pay his son £10 a week whilst putting money into our sons trust fund, he does pay him his £10 a week IF he has the money, I am constantly on at my sons dad to help out, I work over 30hours a week and provide for our son because that’s what being a parent is.

I am getting fed up of him taking it easy so my question is where does my son stand with getting decent amount of money from his dad? And if he is in and out of work will this effect the payment to our son?


  • Peter says:

    Typical another money grabbing bitch, instead of bitching about money, why don’t you do something constructive, you post on Father’s Day, when there is women out there whom have stopped fathers from seeing there children and its all in the name of money money money, you make me physically sick, nothing but a common leech,

  • Omfg woman get a grip and you wonder why hes always out of work cus as soon as he is all u can think about it how much money u can get outta him and pwc like u make me sick u get tax credits and child benifit and u work 30 hours but still feel the need to screw the dads life up, dont u think its bad enough that he has to see his son on days u decide and not have him there daily, women like you need to get a grip and think of the child and not cash!!!!!

  • Julie says:

    There are 2 sides to every story and he can only give what he can afford, he has to live as well, he will have bills to pay as well. You say he finds it a challenge holding on to a job, there are all sorts of reasons why this would be and this is not necessarily his fault.

    You work 30 hours…. good for you. Personally I would rather have a father in my childs life that spent quality time with him… its not all about the money. Unfortunately there are too many PWCs out there that think it is and because of this there are so many children out there that have no contact with their fathers because the PWC has used money to hold the children to ransom.

    If all you are bothered about is the money, this is exactly what will happen tom your son and even worse, you pile pressure on to his dad, it will cause him misery, depression and even his ultimate demise…. so do ya want a father for your child who loves his son or do you just want money???

  • Ross says:

    Im sick to death of money grabbing cows like you thinking that just because you have had a child with somebody it gives you the god given right to have a claim over the mans wage. For gods sake get some pride and stop scrounging for money all the time. It was your choice to have a child too. Grow up and get on with it. You have no right to any percentage of his wage I don’t give a monkeys what the csa says. Women like you should get off your high horse and be grateful for whst your given but as usually you all want more and more. We’ll have to give you the clothes off our backs next!

  • Mark O'Neill says:

    If he’s in and out of employment he won’t have much to lose so he’ll probably choose to stay on benefit and you’ll get £7 a week.
    It’s not all about money and you both sound in difficult circumstances but claiming through CSA is not always the best. The government doesn’t want you to use this method so they’re starting to charge if you choose that road.
    CSS will also destroy yours and his relationship with your child. many kids seem to turn on their mother for claiming CSA and crippling the fathers life.
    The choice is yours of course and fathers should try, many just don’t have the money and that is all CSA is about.
    sometimes taking his kid to the park doesn’t cost anything only his time, so if he doesn’t want to that would be his loss.
    just look at the anger on here towards mothers who go to CSA it simply destroys relationships.

  • Anthony says:

    Where do you get off demanding he finds a job etc.
    I bet he does his best to find work and pay for his son.
    Women like you make me sick. Nothing but a money motivated bitch. He can’t pay what he don’t have.

  • Lisa says:

    A decent amount of money, you should be grateful for what you get, anybody with half a brain knows the CSA destroys lives, i would think twice before using them, they dont care about you or your child and i can bet all the money in the world that they will turn you both against each other with the vast amount of lies the tell, You get benefits and tax credits for your son for being a single working mum, that should be ample amount to stretch, poor do if you can make your money go further, budget properly, money isnt the end of the world, your child speding time with their father is far more important

  • Macon says:

    Was he in and out of work before you became pregnant ?

  • cheryl says:

    Typical scorned woman! Posting a question like this on fathers day…It’s all about the money with women like you…And yes I am a woman with an ex but I would never stoop so low, yes I’ve struggled but my pride and self respect mean more to me!

  • karen says:

    Here we go again with the bullies and idiots of the world, who I wonder why they have children in the first place, because obviously they feel the right to have children without supporting them!
    Join the facebook group child support agencies failings for no bullying, no abuse or name calling just advice and support.

  • Macon says:


    I think my question has to be asked , I am not a bullie or a idiot if the man had a poor work ethic before she had a kid what does she expect now ?

  • Sally says:

    @ Karen – you come on consistently trying to get people to go to fb instead of using this website but I NEVER see you offering constructive advice… you accuse people of being bullies and idiots and question why they had children when they don’t want to support them…

    Are you really that stupid that you can’t understand what people are saying?!? I’ll spell it out for you… please read the following slowly… it might help the FACTS sink in…



    How on earth you can interpret that as NRP’s not wanting to support their children is beyond me!!!

    99% of the NRP’s who come on to this website PAY FOR THEIR CHILDREN WILLINGLY… its the CSA they have an issue with and the fact that the CSA is bias towards the PWC makes it all unfair!!!

    The CSA entice PWC by promising them more money…. I sincerely don’t blame the NRP’s for being upset and angry… maybe you should trying walking in their shoes for a while….

  • Terry NORRIS says:

    I had my daughter and fully expected to support her. My wife decided she wanted another bloke, he took her away from me along with my then 3yr old daughter.I had nothing she wanted anymore……nothing……oh but still happy to take my money.call me old fashioned karen but NO I do not expect to pay her and the scum bag csa at all.he took my wife…let him support her, if I choose to buy my daughter things and treat her? Then thats my choice.her mother didnt give a shit about how it would effect our daughter when she decided to take her away from me.I do not need a governmentagency dictating to me how…….I will pay…its got fuck all to do with them.even more disgusting is nrp has no right to know how or even if that money hes forced to pay the ex is actually spent on the child…total bollocks karen…thats why so many of us honest hardworking dads hate the exs and the csa.they work together to ensure the nrp is robbed, they give little or no visits to him to max out their claim.my money subsidises my exs benefit booty and the blokes income that lives with.this bitch didnt even buy a card for fathers day for my daughter.do you think karen…that my money should have at least gone towards buying a card for dads day. Do you wander why so many dads are angry and bitter with this set up.I am just 1 karen, this kind of thing go on everywhere up and down the country

  • Terry NORRIS says:

    Hi sally
    WELL said
    This karen is obviously another clueless idiot who I would say “fuck off” and spout your nonsese bullshit on your site and stay away from here because you obviously cant see why sally or I or anyone who complains about greedy exs and the parasite csa that supports them.
    As sally said its the unfairness and biased nature of the csa that we hate.
    So go away

  • Sally says:

    Hiya Gonk… I hope you are well?

    I appreciate that the terminology some the the NRP’s use is not always polite lol lol but they are only human for crying out loud… Karen does not live in the real world (like many other people who think that NRP’s don’t want to pay for their kids)..

    People are entitled to an opinion and if Karen doesn’t like what she reads then she really shouldn’t come on to this website….

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