Where does my son stand?

July 14, 2015

My son and daughter’s split up last year and quarllered over my son seeing the children we had them two nights two days as he works nights 4on4off but she still expected50pound every week for them 25and each.

He is on a low income They eventualy got back together After seven months they are on verge of splitting for good.

My grandson is 4and baby grandaughter1half So I just wanted to know where he stood as last time it was a vicious circle.

He paid her had kids had to help me out with extra food electric here as I’m on sickness benefit Just need advice really Thank you.


  • Bill says:

    Normally they only take 40% of income when there are arrears outstanding.
    Maintenance for two children is 19% of gross income less 1/7 for each night of shared care..
    They only take a fifth of the maintenance as a fee if the NRP is not willing to set up regular payments him/her self and chooses to pay through CMS.
    The PWC will only receive 96% of the maintenance if payments are through CMS.
    Always best to make a private arrangement if possible.

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