Where are the fathers on here?

March 28, 2013

All these posts are about how resident parents can get money from the fathers of their children. I could say I pay & always have but that is just what parents do?

I hoped this forum might help me with my son & issues around his further education, but it is a place for mother’s to vent their spleen’s. My son’s mother has married in the last year, or so, is not using her married name with HMRC or CSA is a claimint of tax credits she own’s her home & her husband has a housing association three bedroom house.

They intend to move into that and rent the other property privatley and the maddest thing is, my son lives with me the majority of the week ( more than a few hours). I am not one for dropping someone in it for the sake of ‘spite’, but really.

Where are the post’s from fathers, we really need to start balancing the info in ths forum, thanks for taking the time to read.


  • carol says:

    come on lads…lets not make it about genders….pwcs who are unreasonable and spiteful can be of either gender.

    but, if mumsnet was blown off the http://www…it would be a fine day indeed 😉

  • Lisa says:

    Not all NRP are men though guys, Its happening to women as well that have been bullied into leaving there children by abusive or nasty ex partners,

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