Where are my CSA payments going?

April 2, 2011

I have a son that lives with me full time and a daughter that lives with her Auntie. The Auntie was devious and went to CSA after I went to court with her, on her side, and allowed her to get a residency order.

I had a letter from the CSA saying that they were going to attach an order on my earnings to the tune of £300 a month. It’s a lot but I don’t mind paying for my daughter. Then coming up to Christmas I did a load of overtime so I could give my son the best Christmas ever. Strait after Christmas I did even more overtime so I could save for us to go on holiday for my boys birthday in May.

Now for the second month running they have taken £422 out of my earnings, leaving me just £830. That means they have taken their 300 plus all my overtime! My rent alone is £600. After Council Tax and bills we will again be living off the child benefit for the month. No holiday for us. I dread something happening to the car because how could I afford to fix it. No car, no job (I live out in the sticks) and to top it all, my daughters Auntie is complaining because she hasn’t received ANY money from the CSA yet. I spoke with CSA and they said she will get £150 this week. So where is the rest of the money going??? Am I paying for other children with absent fathers that don’t pay?

I don’t know how we will survive. I have worked out that with petrol costs and deductions of earnings, I would be £160 a month better off on benefits. How is this country ever going to get better? I’m one of the lucky ones to have a job…or so I thought. I get £5 a week from my son’s drug addict mother who is and always will be on benefits. Compare that to the £422 I am paying every month…. Can you believe, when I said this to the CSA they told me to stop doing overtime!!! I just don’t know what to do. Can anyone help?


  • james says:

    Mate i really feel for you.

  • james says:

    the reson i was reading your post is because i myself could be in a very similar situation.
    I live with my eldest and my ex has our younger child. My ex works and so do i, we both earn similar wages. At the minute i pay for the up keep of my eldest and she pays for the upkeep of our youngest, which suits us both fine.
    My problem is that she is now pregnant with her new boyfriend, what i need to know is that if she gives up work due to raising the baby then would have to pay her maintenance towards our youngest?
    Also what if she does not give up work but just goes on maternity for a few months?
    Im sorry i can offer you no advice, but im intrested to know what the outcome is to your situation.
    I really feel for you and it just seems so unfair and ihopeit works out for you.


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