When will they let me get on with my life?

January 28, 2014

Where to start,I had originally been paying my x partner for our kids until I lost my job,she then called the csa who got involved and that is where it all went wrong

I am not disputing the fact I owe money and I am quite willing to pay, but they Have got all my income wrong because they used the national average for a job I wasn’t even doing, I asked them on numerous occasions to send through the workings out but as of yet I have received nothing,I have now started working again and straight away I get a phone call telling me I am getting an attachment to earnings even though the figure they think I owe is still wrong as my all edged case worker has never rung me in 3 years,I started making phone calls back at the start of December with a promise of somebody will get back to you in 5 days and yet here we sit now and still nothing

I am going to try and ring again tomorrow and see if I get anywhere this time but I am still waiting for my statement of my accounts even though I asked for them 5 weeks ago,has anybody got any advice on this or can I even make a offer of a 1 off payment so I can finally move on with my life


  • jo says:

    My advice….stop ringing them, send a letter recorded outling your complaint and keep a copy, then see your mp to get them moving.

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