When will my CSA hell end?

June 30, 2015

I am at my wits end with the CSA!

My problem has been unresolved for the last two years. I made ANOTHER formal complaint on Friday and am still waiting for my call back (will definitely be within 24hrs) surprise surprise, no call back!

The father of my daughter owes over £3000 in arrears and I have been trying to get it for the last two years.

He has his own buisness, employs staff and his new wife no longer needs to work but I am still fighting!

My first formal complaint in writing was April 2014 (this was because I had first contacted them in August 2013 and nothing had been done).

I received a written reply in May 2014 and was told how much the arrears were and that they were going to do a deductions of earnings and set up a payment plan.

Every time I ring I am passed from pillar to post. I have documented every phone call and they are all the same. My last phone call (before Friday) was in March 2015 where I was told they were waiting for him to provide a tax return and that they would escalate the case.

When I rang on Friday to make another verbal complaint I was told that NOTHING has been done since 3.3.15!

All I want is what is rightfully due to my daughter. I wish my CSA hell will come to an end……..