When does my liability end for my youngest?

March 28, 2013

I have been paying my ex wife for my children via the CSA since 1999 and have gone from paying for three to paying for just one and have been notified of this by the CSA, also my payments have remained exactly the same paying for three, two and now one child.

But that’s not my main concern, this relates to my youngest child who was 18 in June 2012 and has been on a full time university degree course since August 2012, I thought my liablity would end either when he turned 18 or began uniy but I’ve heard nothing at all from the CSA to this effect and I am still paying the same amount.

My youngest was even working full time for about 2 months prior to starting uni, has a flat share and a car and is now working part time, when does my legal obigation end to paying monies via the CSA.


  • Macon says:

    It ends the first Monday after your kid works more than 24 hours per week or on a course higher than A levels so you wouldn’t pay if they are at university and if he is flat sharing he is no longer at the PWC house so your responsibility ends on more than one level !!

  • carol says:

    So why the fuck are these parasites STILL taking from this father????

    Cant this father not work for a bit until they get off the case?

  • wilf says:

    Brian:- Your case should have closed September 2012 when he started higher education. If you have not contacted them they may require prompting.

  • John says:

    Our children were split. Eldest told his mum to F.O. So I raised the one with me (Grade A A levels, Honours degree etc) from 11 yrs old. She went to the CSA because she was unreasonable, so I counter claimed for the child with me. She paid child support in the end, but 2 years after my application, because the CSA scum were letting her off! In essence I was keeping her and the kids, even though I wasn’t with her. Scandal!

    Our youngest is coming up to 19, and the CSA scum are asking me to pay to 20, because they changed the rules……again. So, I am going to claim Child benefit for the son I raised from 19 to 20. It originally finished when he turned 19. I am owed a years Child benefit, according to the new rules.

    I am also owed 1 years maintenance for 19 to 20 yrs for the child I raised, and I have contacted the CSA to ensure that if the can introduce retrospective rules that affect my maintenance, then the same should apply to the nrp in my case.

    All those affected whose maintenance ended at 19, should ask the CSA to re-open their case for child benefit and maintenance, that will f–k them up!

  • Lisa says:

    Your liability should have ended september 2012, i would seriously be making a complaint and making sure you get your mp on to help, they should be refunding your money, can bet your ex isnt going to say anything, They wont ring you from the CSA, they expect you as the NRP to ring and make sure everything is sorted, sounds to me like they are taking the piss out of you, good luck

  • Alice says:

    did you inform the agency that your son is in Uni? If not you need to notify them asap as they will only take the change on from then they are informed of the change

  • brett says:

    So Alice, I sadly have no contact whatsoever with my son or his layabout poncing mother.
    When the time comes, I will have no idea if he is working full time, going to college, university etc. or if the mother is fraudulently claiming benefits etc.
    Advice please on what Im meant to do, or in the circumstances do I just pay maintenance until he is 20 ? The CSA have little or no interest in assisting the NRP.
    For your info the CSA still haven’t had the decency to let me know that the maintenance age has been raised to 20 years.

  • stuart says:

    did you inform the agency that your son is in Uni? If not you need to notify them asap as they will only take the change on from then they are informed of the change?

    CSA will expect the NRP to be Sherlock Holmes and do thier job for them, As long as an NRP is paying why would they check the recieving parent is eligible for the money they take every month. And when they discover it was a claim that should not have happened then they keep quiet and condone fraud. Shocking really but allowed to get away with it.

  • Lisa says:

    Isnt that fraud??? In my eyes it is, unless you ring they dont do anything!!! It stipulates on the CSA/DWP web page that both parties are to inform of changes, so the EX should be giving money back what she isnt entitled to,
    The CSA on the otherhand should be looking more carefully at cases like this,

  • Alice says:

    If an NRP contacts the agency to report that they believe that the QC may have left non-advanced education the agency will contact the PWC to confirm this and CHB will also be checked to see if CHB is still in payment.
    If it is established that the QC no longer meets the criteria of a QC then the QC will be removed from the case at the appropriate date.

  • stuart says:

    But they do not inform the NRP that fraud has been committed do they Alice they cover it up dont they Alice.

    Yes or No will do

  • richard says:

    CSA what a joke, the PWC asked me not to cary on with the CSA as she could not cope with them constantly contacting her. She said she would tell them we had a private arrngement, 5 years later the CSA take 40% of my wages because I owed them money since 2005. It turned out that she had not contacted the CSA or me, so the case carried on without my knowledge. When I asked her about this she said and I quote ” I dont remember ” how bloody convenient for her.It also turns out that the CSA used a previous old address and employer, even though they had my then current address and employment details,

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