When does my CSA payment date begin?

October 16, 2012

Me and my ex-wife got divored in 2009. We have two children. Due to my ex-wife calculated dishonesty I had to leave home and the court most of the asset went to mother, regardless of she came with nothing from her developing country.

Due to circumstances I was unemployed and in 2009 the CSA was calculated to be £5 per week but as the children spent nearly 50% of the time with me I did not have to pay this. This January I got the job and informed the mother about it. But between January and August she took me back to the court and my contact has been reduced.

And I was made redundant because of constant visit to the court. In september CSA approached me saying that my ex-wife has told them that I am working. I told them I was made redundant at the end of August and am back on JSA. They have asked me to send the July and August pay slip.

I guess this is to work out CSA payment, but does it start from September or January?


  • Alice says:

    if you were unemployed and in receipt of JSA when the case was opened and then came off benefit and into work the change will be effective back to when you started work – again if your circumstances changed and you lost your job and went back onto benefit you will be put back to £5 a week effective back to the week you went onto benefit .. there will be arrears due to the time you were working and the csa will ask you to pay these

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