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When do I stop paying CSA if my children are now working?

I have been paying csa for my 2 children since my ex and I split 4 years ago. My children are now 17 and 16, one is about to leave school and start full time employment but she has already been working 30 hrs a week while at school. My son is in a similar situation and wants to leave school and start a career in electrical engineering, he has the grades mow but his mother is advising him to stay on at school to get more qualifications as possible.

My thinking is its more to do with receiving csa from me. Just this week I’ve had a call regarding shared care from the csa as my ex has called them to say that I have them stay less than 52 nights a year which is borderline, but down to there jobs etc it has become less and less, again trying to get more cash from me. She works FT and her new partner does aswell. I also work FT. My question is when do I stop paying csa now that they are working and I also receive a War Disablement Pension, what payments are taken into account with csa and should I just be paying the flat rate? All very confusing help!!!

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