When do I stop paying csa?

August 25, 2010

My 2 sons are 16 and 18. Both born in June. My 18 yr old has just finished college and has got a job for 3 days a week. The 16 yr old had now finished school. He has not been to school for over 12 months. Walked out and refused to go. So his mother let him. Bad I know. He has no plans at the moment..

I dont see the lads that often as been poisoned by the ex.

When do I stop paying csa? Wll the csa inform me? Not sure what to do. Cheers if u can help.


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  1. zhorik on October 15th, 2010 9:31 am

    1. you continue to pay csa until the mother stops claiming child benefit.
    Ha your son was born after september 7th then you will pay until his 19th birthday otherwise you pay until the 1st week of spetember unless he enrols on a non advanced course – nvq etc at a college when the absent parent will still be entitled to child benefit until their 19th birthday.
    . Do not expect the csa to inform you as they depend on the mother (absent parent) telling them.
    again if the 16 year old gets a full time jopb then child benefit ceases however he could be forced to go to college to get a maintenace grant and so thesame will apply

  2. chel on July 8th, 2011 12:18 pm

    i have a 14 yr old child – me and partner split when child was 3 and i have never received a penny towards our childs upbringing. He has 3 older children to another partner whom he never paid to and also has 2 children to partner he is living with now. His ex (mother of the other 2 children) tried claiming through csa from when they split right up until the children were no longer eligible for benefit claims, but was told he claimed a certian benefit and thus made him unable to pay maintenace to both his children – hence i have never tried to claim thinking it pointless and too distressing as i know the lies and manipluation he can dish out when dealing with authorities and investigatiors to allow him to get his own way . He ensures he does not have his name on things and puts things in his partners and partners families names to show he has no assets etc.
    my ex partner breeds horses, dogs , works for an engineering firm which is a enables him to live quite comfotably, he has very little contact with my child (his choice as he will always find excuses to not to have contact and if he does it is oh his terms i.e for babystitting or helping with the horses/dogs etc – for payment of £20)
    i would love to know how he can get away with it, why the rules are not strict to ensure that he supports his children (the older 3 now working so unable to access payments) even if he is claiming a benefit (which i cant see is justifiable as his working income is vast) why is he deemed not eligible to support his children in any way at all ?????????

  3. d dowd on June 26th, 2013 3:10 pm

    i have been paying csa for some time my son was 18 in april he has enrolled in colldge the last two yrs went for couple of weeks then stopped but still the csa take 340.00 a mnth from my wages im on the old rule prior 2003 higher percentages now they are telling me i will be paying up until he is twenty how can this be

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