When am I able to stop payments?

August 14, 2014

At what point am I legally entitled to stop making payments to my ex for care of my children?

I currently pay her an agreed sum weekly and have done since we split 14years ago.

However my eldest will be 18 soon and is currently working part time and is also at college.

My other child is 17 soon and has recently started an apprenticeship.

I would much rather give them money direct than continue to support my ex.

What are my options please?


  • Sara says:

    If still in full time education (uni doesn’t count and full time college is a minimum of 12 hours a week) then it continues until child/ren turns 20 or until child benefit stops. Your best bet is to ring the CSA and ask for a chb check to be done in regards to your son now working an apprenticeship. Join Child Support Agency Ripoffs on Facebook for more help, advice and support.

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