Whatever the mother says, they believe

January 21, 2014

CSA is a joke, they outline that this and that are taken into account, but a matter of fact nothing is considered. All glossy hype. That paper book means fuck all.
What ever the mother says ,them stupid fcks believe, my ex stooped that low she made everyone think she was sexually abused from the age of nine. Really.
I couldn’t live with her lies so moved out.
Stupid mistake I know. But there was other issues. Lots.
But hein sight is great.
She lives in my house, with my boys and CSA do not take this into account either.
Oh and she just changed the locks, house in my sole name.
So let’s say the estranged wife is onto a gd thing.
And just recently my phone calls to the boys have stopped.
I see them every other fortnight, why i have to work to keep that roof over their heads.
Kids suffer in this nobody else.
Alienation parental responsibility.
I am Forces, have other strains, but not hearing my boys is the biggest strain of all.
I agree maybe dole is best place, but I’m too proud to let her bring me down.
I think CSA is a gd thing. But how do you know what that mother is spending your children’s money on. This I do not agree with . I look at my sons feet, and think them shoes should be at least waterproof.

So come on CSA tell me how I am to know what my boys money is spent on for my boys.
Because I’m 100% sure it’s not all on them.
£500.00 CSA
Plus £750.00 in benefits.
Plus a house paid for her.
What the fuck she do with all this money, when she sits on her fat arse.

Money grabbers the fecking lot.


5 Responses to “Whatever the mother says, they believe”

  1. Sasha Roberts on January 17th, 2014 3:46 pm

    I wouldn’t necessarily say just the mother, more the PWC, I am a NRP, and no matter what I say, they don’t take any notice, just want me to pay for 3 ‘ adult children’, while my ex sits on hs backside as he has for the last 11yrs, have given up on fighting them all, given up work, not claiming benefits, gonna do something from home, and they can all do one!!!

  2. Chrissy Johnson on January 17th, 2014 4:22 pm

    My ex took my son away from me without good cause, he almost drove me to suicide and now he is living the high life going to football games and getting drunk all the time the system is messed up!

  3. Dean Human on January 21st, 2014 1:00 pm

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  4. jo on January 21st, 2014 1:42 pm

    If she’s in a home you’ve paid for you need to put in a variation order asap….do not believe anything a csa agent tells you and get your mp involved and keep fighting!

    I’m getting tired of hearing about greedy pwcs who seem to get everything and still want more and screw their exes into the ground and yet there are pwcs who get fuck all and csa do nothing because legislation says otherwise or too complex a case to deal with it!

    Whole system is a mess and needs going back to the courts!

  5. Gonk on January 22nd, 2014 12:01 pm

    Joe blogs
    Agree with every line you posted. It’s disgusting that the money forced out of a Nrp is handed over to the pwc to do with what they want.
    I should have a fucking right to know/ demand how and where my money is being spent and to have proof it is spent entirely and 100% on my child and not used to top up my ex’s nights out, fags, cloths and new shoes.

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