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What will they do when my partner becomes self-employed?

My partner is leaving his £50K per year job to start own business – accountant says he will be earning £7500 in first year. My partner has been paying for his 2 boys for 9 years and sees them regularly.

What happens when he calls CSA to explain the situation?

He has told his ex who was all very understanding about it but that means nothing…

Any advice on how to approach situation or your experiences would be appreciated and thank you.

8 thoughts on “What will they do when my partner becomes self-employed?

  1. Income as low as possible. And expenses high. Do not give csa anymore information than what they ask for. Csa normally give up when it comes to self employed people. As a basic rule he should be earning the minimum wage. If he wants to give extra that is down to him

  2. Go away Amanda Johnson.
    No one on here would be suggesting any underhand ideas and opinions on what to do , if the CSA was fair, but it ain’t, so can you wander why people would.
    I’d say stuff em and let them do the ground work and yes indeed, declare as least as possible. They will cane you otherwise. With the money you save, you can spend on your kids and at least see where it’s going. the CSA won’t do you any favours or cut you any slack. Believe me, if I was unfortunate enough to be made redundant ? I’d throw in the towel because trying to find another job at my age and at the same salary would be near impossible and if I did, I’d have the good old CSA knocking with arrears as well. So why bother, be on a hiding for nothing just to see the smirk on the ex’s face and “£” signs in her eyes.

  3. I’ve done this in same circumstances. After 13 years of seeing my daughter they stopped me from seeing her because the ex’s fella was left a rather hefty inheritance. So the first month in 13 years they could afford to tell me to jog on they did. 12 months later they’d blown the cash and then reported me to CSA.. Being on £50Kpa they’d get a hefty payout so when I went self employed I pay myself £7500 a year and pay the rest through my partner who is a director too.

    That way I pay them what I want to pay them (Still £200 a month) and the rest I’m using to drag her through the courts… It’s a sham when they can make one phone call to the CSA and get a life long commitment to hound the fathers but when they deny the father’s access nobody but an expensive, complicated and toothless legal system is in the way.

    Remember, if your hubby is a sole trader and he IS the business, so if the business makes a profit so does he. If it makes a loss so does he and he’s at full risk of bankruptcy if it all goes wrong. If you set up a Ltd company you can be more tax efficient and spread your wages to sources the CSA can’t touch.

    And don’t feel guilty about it either, the organisation has been a disgraceful one sided affair since day 1.

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