What will happen with CSA if my partner does not have an income?

October 17, 2014

I am a working woman who is married, my husband has a child with another woman and we have one child togehter, my husband does not work due to being a stay at home dad to our daughter.

He recieives no benefits due to my income. what i am wondering is would my wages be took into consideration for my husbands son with his ex partner?

We do not pay through CSA currently but do support the child with buying items when required etc.


  • mae says:

    If csa become involved then I thought with new claims tax credits were no longer considered? Also don’t say you have no children as he will be assessed as single and you wouldn’t get any discount for a child living in your home.

    They can’t touch your income anyway and likely scenario is your husband will be assessed as nil.

    If your really concerned give child maintenance options a ring who will give you impartial advice as the new system requires parents to mediate amongst themselves or pay to open a case up with the them.

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