What will happen to me now?

July 28, 2014

My ex wife has remarried and my wages have not changed that much since we split in 2005. I have paid maintenance since we split.

My kids are 19 in feb, dhe is in her last year of college and my youngest is 14 in April, will my payments alter?

When we split I signed the house over to her and she promised she wouldnt go to the csa (bet youve heard this before).

Please give me some advice!!!!!


  • Lisa says:

    If you have paid the mortgage on the house your kids live in then that would have been used as in leiu of maintenance, if your ex has paid the mortgage then csa payments will apply, if your ex has remarried and your under the 2003 rules there isn’t anything that will happen until your eldest child has left education or child benefit isn’t in payment,

  • melanie parton says:

    take her to court cant change without consent from you

  • melanie parton says:

    and ours disdnt inform had left had her invedtigated tell them shes left wen she has n call child benefit too if mother hasnt rrport her coz so long as thats paid so will csa

  • Bill says:

    If one QC is removed from a case it will not halve the payments.

    If there are two QCs in a case and one is removed then the maintenance changes from 20% of net income to 15%.

    Normally when a QC leaves education the child benefit ceases the first Monday in September and child maintenance is no longer due for that QC from that date.

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