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What will happen after we are married?

My partner currently pays CSA for his 3 children to his ex-wife, I have 1 child to my ex and she stays with us.

We both work and are getting married next year and was just wondering if CSA take my wages into consideration as well after we are married?

5 thoughts on “What will happen after we are married?

  1. they are only supposed to take his, but I wouldn’t trust them, and honestly, don’t get married til his youngest is 18. my partner and I have to wait 6 years before even thinking about marriage. sorry its not what you want to hear

  2. If the case started after 2003 then no they cannot touch your wages, though they do take any tax credits into account as the nrp income, personally I would try and push the ex for a family based arrangement away from csa then your safe, good luck

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