What the Child Support Agency does to families is shocking

March 30, 2013

The CSA & their regime of persecution
The systematic destruction of decent families…
An exerpt of my letter to David Cameron:

I am a wife and a mum and I also have Cystic Fibrosis.

I have a wonderful husband, who is also my best friend and carer and two beautiful children. My husband is the children’s step dad but he has been in their lives for 16 years and is the only dad they have ever known and loved.

We are a law abiding, hard working and loving family. We’ve never had much and the children have had their own part time jobs from a very early age to help support the family. We are all respectful of others, caring and well mannered. We were even nominated a few years ago for a National newspaper family award after my husband was hailed a hero for risking his own life to save the lives of over thirty people by fighting a severe campsite fire single handed; this was documented in the national media at the time.

My children’s biological father walked out on me on New Year’s Eve 1995 the day after my son’s’ 2nd birthday. Bankrupted in the last recession he none the less resentfully made sure I was pursued for his debts he had accrued in joint names, much of which was unbeknown to me. I dealt with his bailiffs while he stalked the children in parks and schools, broke in stealing all the personal possessions from our home and then mentally harassed me with relentless threatening calls. Understandably the children wanted nothing to do with him then or now. He has never paid maintenance for them or even made a single financial gesture in all these years.

Despite this I strongly believe in family values. Our family has had to overcome many difficulties but we are resilient; we’ve had to be. Every time we’ve had a setback we’ve dealt with it as best we could, be it health, financial or emotional.

It therefore comes as a great shock to find that right now, in this country, under your government, there is unmistakable evidence of ‘Nazism’ within one of your Government Departments. Evoking and mirroring many of the same ruthless and destructive elements that is not only wilfully destroying families across the country but predominantly wasting taxpayers’ money to do so.

The 1935 Nuremberg Laws introduced by the Nazi’s were discriminatory, unjust and paved the way for the persecution of the Jewish race and caused untold misery, devastation and suffering.

The 1991 Child Support Act introduced by the Government at the time is equally discriminatory, unjust and paves the way for the persecution of non resident parents, parents with care, subsequent families and their children. It causes untold daily misery and despair and has obliterated not only family values but indeed family life in hundreds of thousands of UK homes. My home and my family Mr Cameron are now one of those many homes and families.

I make no excuse for using the evils of the Nazis’ as a comparison here and I have never done so before. But my personal suffering, experience, evidence and research demonstrates that the CSA have more in common and operate in parallel more with this regime than any other. The Nazi’s were ruthless, uncaring and emotionless in their objective pursuit. Their goals were to be achieved at any cost. Their actions were made lawful, but they were not rational or just. They removed or ignored anything and everything that stood in their path. Procedures were created only to facilitate their heinous activities. Any efforts of protest were met with harsher and more appalling consequences. Members of the regime completely dehumanised all who were their target and in turn became desensitised to human suffering.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) behaves in a horrifyingly similar way. They discriminate between a child in one family and that in another. They favour and support one child in their selected family and impoverish and discriminate against one or more children in another. This comment is based directly on the facts and situation of my case here which shockingly is being replicated across the length and breadth of the UK. One child is favoured whilst another is persecuted. Is this the ‘Welfare for all children’ that child support law is supposed to champion? I implore upon you to investigate this before this becomes another tragic event that will be recalled in history. One that will be associated with your time in Government.

The CSA now have so much self assumed power that they consider themselves even ‘above the law’. The law has even been changed to suit their regime; removing the fundamental foundations of long fought for British Law principles that presume innocence until proven guilty. The CSA presume guilt, deny the right to a fair hearing and trial and mete out punishment that defies belief with a menacingly inhumane intent. Families with children, like ours, are experiencing psychological torture, bullying and harassment on a daily basis at their hand.

Is this really happening in modern day Britain under your Government? Absolutely, and I can provide the evidence. I am speaking from firsthand experience as a ‘parent with care’ and as a ‘non resident parent’s partner’. What I have witnessed crosses deep into both sides of the CSA’s primary agenda and shows the absolute hell, despair and inhumanity at their hands.

In both situations my children not only lose but have been caused untold hardship and misery as a consequence.

The feeling of utter despair is so overwhelming that both my husband and I have been driven to consider tragic action and can understand how so many before us have taken their own lives.

Mr Cameron, how much money is it costing for the CSA to keep re-presenting our case to the court month on month? Please check the files yourself to see how many times this case has been submitted and adjourned and each time it is as returned as ‘unsafe’ and ‘in error’ because the assessments are clearly miscalculated and the procedures of enforcement contrived and unsubstantiated. Can public funding really afford to be supporting the whim of certain aggressive and subjective CSA individual’s who hope that their continued harassment and pressure will cause a family to capitulate? What is additionally alarming is that this alleged money isn’t owed to the state either so this action really doesn’t justify the costs let alone give reason for such a personal and persistent attack.

All we are asking for is a fair and just consideration of our cases. Fair and Just. The CSA are fully aware that they are causing insurmountable stress to all members of our family and of the detrimental impact this has on my weakening health, yet they continue to bring us to our knees with threats to our home, our finances, our moral well being and our right to a family life.


  • Carol says:

    Fantastic letter! Let us know if you get a reply back.

    The comparisons are spot on, which is very very sad. People don’t realise how bad this Agency is until they are involved.

    I personally do not see why every tax payer in the UK should have to pay for this Agency.

  • Jo says:

    I’ve written an email to mps, especially UKIP seeing as they are swaying the vote at the moment, to take a look at this website and to tell me what they intend to do with the mess they created. Fed up with not having a say, especially when we pay hard earned money into a system that should work for us, and live in what we thought was a democratic state. No civil servant should interfere in family disputes and make up their own conclusion when there is a breakdown, its not that simple…as one csa employee clearly states, not one rule fits all, so does that mean that we simply take it and live by a system that clearly doesn’t suit, I would say, a majority of people!

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