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What should I do now that he’s done a bunk?

I don’t receive anything from my ex and it’s really really hard to pay bills etc.

He’s bunked off to Pakistan all because he will have to pay for the kids.

He doesn’t want to come back what could I do?

He has a lot of land etc houses there but still won’t own up. What should I do?

5 thoughts on “What should I do now that he’s done a bunk?

  1. What should you do ????
    Get a job and stop expecting/ relying on the ex to bring you an income. Maybe that’s why he avoids you and the CSA like the plague, as you will both ruin him. Not condoning any man that don’t support his kids but certainly do condem the CSA for their unfair biased system and the greedy ex’s who see the CSA as a means of income at the NRP’s expense.

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