What should I do next after getting a letter from the CSA?

September 9, 2012

I have been written to by yourselves stating i have to contact you regards my two children that are living with my ex wife, Mrs Angela Gastall,with regards paying child maintanance for my two children.

I have paid Angela direct for the last 2 and half years. the last payment i gave her was cash on the 31st august i have receipt from her stating she recieved £50.00, previous to that i paid it direct into her bank account £25.00 a week.

And before that i use to give her cash on a Friday £25.00 each week i have got reciepts for this too. she requires that further payment go through csa in which i agree to so all payments get sorted correctly.

Please can you let me know what i do next?

If you require any more information from my self please write too me.

Yours faithfully


  • j says:

    First of all this is an open forum site so perhaps best not to give out names or too much private information.
    Secondly, if you are looking for a fair and balanced assessment of your liability then the csa are probably not the people you should be talking to. Formal legal advice from a csa specialist law firm or a firm with a family/child law department may be worth having.
    Third you say you have receipts for payments you have made, collate these and keep all originals, photocopy and send any info that is required. Send everything by recorded delivery and keep the slips. Dont do anything with the csa by phone, write and insist on written responses. Keep information to the facts, dont give more info than they ask for.
    Make a note of your living costs – rent/mortgage, gas/elec/water, food etc. I’m not sure what is counted these days, used to be council tax and rent/mortgage but I think its changed. Also used to take up to 40% of a net income but think thats changed as well.
    Start a diary of events, date you started paying, dates payment was made, how much has been paid etc.
    Finally your ex wife (and kids) deserve a little privacy (as do you) so no need to publish their names on an open site again. Also dont think of the csa as a nice friendly organisation who are here to help you, they are a part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) whose job is to collect money, your ex may regret getting the csa involved if the payments you make go missing, read some of the stories on this site. Best of luck.

  • david says:

    always pay csa through direct debt from your bank account ! not have them taken out direct from your wages as you will have more control of your money if things go wrong ! you can always cancel a direct debt to stop those vultures taking advantage of you !

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