What is the point in this useless organisation?

September 24, 2013

My ex husband and myself split 5 years ago after he had an affair. when we divorced he got £25,000 plus various bits and bobs.

We agreed shared care for the children so he got plenty of time with them (the children were 4 and 2 at the time.

This was all well and good until he started messing the court order around only seeing the children when it suited him meaning I often had to work whilst looking after the children.

Eventually things got really bad between us as he was not helping with any costings to uniforms, clubs, school trips etc and he was seeing them less and less.
I decided to go for sole custody and receive child maintenance as it suited him.

He met another woman and had a baby with her and in the last two years he has done everything to avoid paying child maintenance (I even heard that he was preparing a benefit scam by claiming they had split up but when I challenged him on it he backed down) but a year later it looks like they are going to try it. He avoids the CSA by not answering their calls or letters to changing his job. Anyway I got a deduction of earnings set in place and lo and behold he has suddenly become self employed and all the CSA can do is take his word for everything.

I have spent a fortune chasing him up every month with the CSA and get told “we cant do this because. . . .” or “we have to acknowledge that he is doing. . .”

His record shows he has barely made a single payment in the last two years and for all their huff and puff I have seen first hand that the CSA have NO power whatsoever. They cant do a DAMN thing and yet they make themselves out to be this big scary government organisation when really they are powerless.

He doesn’t bother with his children who are now 9 & 7 and they see him on Whatsapp smiling with his girlfriend and their baby and it breaks their hearts.
I have bent over backwards to notify him of school dates, holiday dates, parents evenings etc and this is what I get in return.

I feel powerless as my daughters want to see him )even though he goes 3 or 4 weeks without calling them or seeing them), doesn’t ask about them. He is only concerned with his new baby. He is laughing at the CSA for their incompetence and when he does decide to see his daughters, he does it through her (a 9 year old girl!!) so it puts me in a very difficult position.

How can this be allowed? I have never once done anything to deserve this treatment, yet I get a selfish bastard who doesn’t pay towards his daughters upbringing, lies and lies constantly then uses his daughter to get what he wants.

I feel like screaming. The children don’t live on free air.

What is the point of the CSA?? I have never seen such a useless and incompetent organisation. Full of threats but with no power at the end of it. Totally useless!!!!


  • rachael swan says:

    Hi wow , my story is more or less along the same lines , it’s so sad as the children go through this also .
    My ex hubby is the same infact I’d say their the same person , it’s fruitless fighting with him he’s a selfish individual who cares for noone but himself . My eldest daughter doesn’t visit anymore and she says she hates him , this kills me no child should hate their father , I’ve never called him names or discussed money in front of girls she has arrived at this conclusion herself .
    how can any man or woman have children then forget about them , my new husband is in navy and he’s away four months at a time , I work fulltime and it’s hard raising kids alone especially the financial side of things but the other party seems to just move on and not have these struggles.
    my ex has just told Csa he’s leaving work as he can’t afford Csa ha ha , he’s leaving £50,000 year job for nothing and not claiming lives in a £1000 pm house with Porsche on drive and his gf has just been laid off Mmmmmm do I believe this , do I bollocks but nothing I can do . End of day kids will know who raised , protected , fed and clothed them and who their real parents are . Good luck hun xx

  • Claire says:

    Thanks Rachael, good luck to you to. It does sound like they were separated at birth lol. Like you say the children will realise who done all the hard work. The irony is that my current partner of 4 years had an ex who treated him like crap when she left, made him go to court, is currently living in ‘their’ house as he moved out and yet he always pays her without fail and yet me who never obstructed my ex in anyway and was more than helpful gets all this crap. I wonder why, if the CSA has all this ‘power’ don’t they repossess my ex’s car as payment to the £3k or so he is in debt with??
    Probably because they cant. I also wonder if I can claim back all my money in wasted calls to the CSA because I sure as hell have got nothing out of it.
    So bloody frustrating. Im sure you and your children are far better of without him in your lives anyway, let him rot with his porsche lol.x x

  • Sally says:

    @ Claire 1972 You are spot on when you say “What is the point of the CSA?? I have never seen such a useless and incompetent organisation. Full of threats but with no power at the end of it. Totally useless!!!!”

    But i’d like to add that they have no power with the absent father who refuse to pay and will do anything they can to avoid taking their responsibility as a parent seriously but the CSA use all the power they have (and make up what they don’t know) to victimise decent NRP’s who do pay (via PAYE) as they need to make their targets by any means possible to ensure they get their bonus…

    Staff have been found lying and playing NRP off again the PWC by telling the PWC that they have not received any money while, in fact the NRP has been paying all along…. it’s not until both parents speak that they find out that money has been given to the CSA but they are not passing it on.

    The CSA rely on parents not communicating so that they can lie to both… I realise that may not be the case in your situation but I would not trust the CSA as far as I could throw them…

  • Claire says:

    Hi Sally, it doesnt surprise me to be honest as most governent organisations are corrupt. It is just a shame that some men have the balls to make a child but not the balls to help raise them. Luckily Ive got a partner who supports me as much as he can and helps in every aspect of my girls lives. I know some women are not that fortunate and I truly sympathise with them.x

  • Bella says:

    The CSA doesn’t work for NRPs and it doesn’t work for PWC. It just doesn’t work!

    The only people who benefit from it are those women who are happy to sit about on benefits and who have exes unlucky enough to be easy pickings for the CSA.

    The whole thing is a shambles. I have no idea why they haven’t made a TV show yet from how useless and corrupt they are.

  • John says:

    On the flip side. I was both an nrp and a pwc, (split children between us both). I soon realised that being a willing payer, I would be repeatedly targeted, especially when I applied for maintenance from the mother for the child with me.

    She was given a nil assessment, and did everything to hide her true financial status, using her mothers bank account etc. I was treated as a pariah, as the CSA attempted to criminalise and demonise me for daring to challenge most of the decisions that they made. A serious case review in 2005, found mistake after mistake, where I was awarded £375 as a payment, for accepting even more debt caused by CSA mistakes. I was given an assurance by the executive that their service would improve.

    In 2009, these useless scumbags stitched me up with £6,400 worth of debt, because of yet more mistakes, when I argued they stuck a deo on my income.

    The point that I am making is that they are in FACT are totally useless, but being an easy target I got shafted ‘good style’. I am waiting for a breakthrough case where I can take this lot to the cleaners.

  • Mike Hunt says:

    Yes it has been confirmed the CSA are the wankiest organisation in the whole wide world… They only chase complying fathers as doing the job they were set up to do(chase ABSENT fathers) has proved too difficult.. Question.. The CSA have collection targets and are bonused on the amount of maintenance collected.. These bonuses are paid with the money accrued in interest earned whilst holding NRP money for 2-3 days (thousands of paying NRP s money) before passing to PWC.. If I worked for the CSA I would ask myself.. Do I have more chance of getting a bonus from collecting from complying NRP and dreaming up fictitious arrears and issuing Deo or chasing up non paying NRP who go to ground and become self employed and avoid their maint payments? Second question why did you need a contact/ court order?? Give yourself a break and forget collecting maintenance.. If he chooses to not see kids it’s his loss.. Just do your best…

  • Mike Hunt says:

    As an afterthought anyone reading these posts who is disgruntled with the CSA why do we not march on one of the CSA offices and raise awareness and publicity… I was watching the news the other night and there were half a dozen moaning f**kers having a whinge about bedroom tax.. They had an mp with them and it got news coverage but nobody seems to want to expose these government oxygen theives.. At the CSA…Anyone have a contact in the bbc?. Panorama maybe?. Any ideas mail me.. [email protected] hotmail.co.uk

    Direct action needed

  • Bella says:

    @ Mike Hunt – I have often wondered why this is never in the news. Someone is trying to keep it quiet – it’s the type of thing channel 4 and the Daily Mail would normally be all over.

    Like you say, the moaning benefit wallers are all over the news complaining about getting less benefit for their massive houses.

    If you manage to find anyone that can help I’d be more than willing to talk to them!

  • John says:

    There is a media ‘blackout’ on reporting anything untoward regarding the CSA. The media and government have signed up for protocol called ‘Common Purpose’, whereby they are in each others pockets, regarding sources of, and reporting of, certain vested interests.

    Check Common Purpose out on the internet!

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