What is the gross income scheme?

January 7, 2013

Does anyone know anything about the new planned csa gross income scheme i also asked the csa about that and again none of the staff employed by the csa the staff that should know seemed to know anything about the gross income scheme.

I also raise the issue with the gross income scheme if they take it of at source the same as tax and NI are you still taxed on that deduction in effect you pay tax on money you never see can anyone advise.


  • How ever it ends up working, most likely the NRP will be screwed over even more than they already are.

  • Gonk says:

    I agree….sadly true because of the grass roots of this unfair system and the idiots that work for them.like most civil service employee’s there is no incentive to deliver a good service since it gets paid by the tax payer as is this new computer system that will be just as useless as previous ones.
    If this was a private business,it would have sacked so many staff over and over again before declaring itself bankrupt because of the useless service it provided.like most civil services the only staff with incentives are the ones sat in the big offices payed obscene salaries for useless performance.

  • wilf says:

    John:- Yes you will pay tax based on your gross income, you will pay national insurance based on gross income and pay child maintenance based on gross income.

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