What is it going to take for me to get payment?

October 11, 2013

i applyed to csa for help in april this year after my ex hadnt bought or paid a penny to our two children for the last 6months.

my ex has refused to make a payment so they put an attachment on his wages which was suposed to start july,& i would recive the payment in august but i never recived the payment so i rang them to find out what was going on,i was told his work hadnt taken the payment so they have set it up to take a payment from his wages in september which i would recive in october.

yet again the payment hasnt been taken from his wages so right now im waiting on them contacting me yet again after me contacting them to complain. i just dont feel they are doing enough & just keep fobing me off how many mre times is he not going to make a payment before they actually do something? afterall he owes neally £2000 for gods sake,what can i do?


  • Spinner says:

    I wouldn’t rely on payments from the CSA if your ex does not want to pay he can avoid it. He chooses to go to work, if he chooses not to the CSA do not have the power to force him. It’s better to try to come to some arrangement with your ex.

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