What is a DEO (Deduction of Earnings Order) from the CSA?

April 30, 2008

A DEO is a deduction of earnings order from the child support agency. This is when they contact the employer of the non resident parent to get the money they want removed from their earnings BEFORE they are paid to the employee.

The CSA has full authority to do this and does not need to go to a court in order to get approval. If an employer refuses to comply the CSA can impose a fine upon them.

From the child support agency’s website.

Although the decision to apply a DEO is taken by us and not the courts you would be committing an offence under section 32(8) of the Child Support Act 1991 if you do not comply with a DEO. This could lead to a prosecution and a fine.

If you appeal a DEO the CSA will generally not suspend the deduction of earnings order while the appeal is being heard, and they also do not care how much money you will be left to live on.

Speaking to payments department will not help as they’re sole interest is in recovering money they believe they are owed by the non resident parent.

Many fathers have been left with no option but to quit their jobs when faced with a DEO as they simply do not have enough money to live on.


  • John Smith says:

    When an employer receives a DEO it has a protected earnings rate of 60% of the NRP’s net income included on it. The employer is not allowed to breach that.

  • Michael says:

    That’s right John, you do have a protected income of 60%. A DEO shouldn’t go near that as the maximum you should be deducted is 25% if you have three or more kids, unless of course you’re in arrears, in which case the CSA will try and claw back all of that inside 12 months.

    They don’t actually note that the 60% rule isn’t breached, and your employer might not notice it either. You need to keep an eye on that one yourself, or you could end up with nothing at the end of the month. The CSA wouldn’t care.

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  • Bob says:

    is there a way of avoiding arrears…I have my son living with me and have done for 3 years, yet I am hounded for 14K they say I owe. Since my son turned 19 in may (he is a full time student) they have just rang my boss to find out my salary (a meager 22K.) the awfull person at the csa demanded 500 per month…impossible I have no money, I rent in furnished accommodation, am in debt to the tune of 35K and generally in poor order….any spare change goes to my sons education.

    I have resigned my job…one I love, I did say I could pay maybe £40 per month but that would leave the electric unpaid and no college trips for my son…she just demanded £500…I said I will be better off on the dole why can we not make a deal? alas not a hope…unless someone knows different?

    I have been told that if you live with another person as girlfreind / boyfreind then they can take monies from them? that would see the end of my relationship and make both me and my son homeless.

    Can they freeze you bank account?
    Can anyone help?

    Help I feel like I am drowning, I feel like drowning…my son is in such a terrible position, we live like paupers in rented accommodation, she paid her mortgage and has no income and incapacity bens…..how come some one with such capital (house300K) get bens ? its a hideous nightmare that is ripping this family apart.

    Why as loving attentive (be it poor) fathers are expected to be treated like dirt by this vile organisation.

  • amanda says:

    alot of the time the csa goes after parents that arnt paying or missing payments my ex husband was unemployed over a year before the csa started takeing money from him and during that time he could have contacted the csa and paid some thing but he didnt he buried his head in the sand and built up a huge debt this debt got bigger when he came off benifits to retire and get his vauxhall pension early as he would have more to live on than job seekers he had also moved so the csa had to trace him which all takes time all the time the debts getting bigger when if he had contacted them and payed some thing which is better than nothing while they assessed his case and what he needed to pay the debt wouldnt have gotten so great that goes for any father paying some thing while being assessed is better than nothing and then faceing a huge debt

  • Jon says:


    I’ve just received a Deduction of Earnings Order from the CSA for £300 a month. The very last communication I had with them clearly stated my case was closed and all arrears had gone. Furthermore, my final two payments were refunded.

    That was twelve months ago and I heard nothing since until the deduction of earnings order dropped through my letter box claiming I was £10k in arrears.

    Any ideas?


  • Mike says:

    Hello Jon, Funny you should say that! I had a DEO on my wages to pay arrears of £2000 that accrued due to the CSA backdating a claim 18 months that they failed to open due to computer error. I appealed the arrears and the CSA made up evidence to support the backdating of the claim by saying, untruthfully, that I had told them the CSA called to inform me of a new case 18 months earlier.
    In tribunals, Independent Case Examiners and CSA complaints just decided to ignore the evidence. I requested written evidence of the CSA following their required procedure when opening a new case, but they have ignored 10 requests for the evidence. They keep referring to tribunals who refer to the CSA who refer to …There is only evidence in my file to backup my claim that the CSA backdated the claim and made up the evidence to suit to cover their butts.
    Of course the DEO was instigated and I had deductions os assessed and arrears for nearly 4 years. When I caught up the CSA cancelled the DEO and told my employers that the arrears were paid up and as my son no longer qualified for support. Drinks all around. Then a year later they started another DEO. On investigating the CSA accounts dept agreed with me that the debt was paid and they actually owed me money! The CSA cancelled the DEO and apologised. Then a year later they called and said I was still £1200 in debt! On investigating I sent a recorded letter details where they had gone wrong in their calculations. No reply. I tried to call the person concerned but he just hung up.
    I heard nothing for another year and presumed they took on board the explanation in my letter and presumed case closed. A year later they sent a letter demanding payment. I was abroad when it arrived and 2 days after I appealed I received a court appearance for a liability order unless I paid this trumped up amount! If I had owed any more arrears how was it to accrue when I had been paying by DEO all the time? Why would the CSA cancel the DEO if I was still in arrears? Why would they tell me that I had overpaid?
    I am told that the courts now just rubber stamp any CSA demand. If you have any arrears problems the tribunals and the courts are not interested as it is not in their jurisdiction. ICE is not interested. It is a CSA thing. The CSA can do what they like and are now above the law.


  • ray says:

    just a question here. i was working part time until may 2011 and the csa had imposed a DEO of £476 per month. i have been unemployed since, but my former employer has offered me the same hours i was working until i was made unemployed. will the DEO still be active when i restart work?

  • James Amos says:

    Hello all

    I have read all your comments and they are they very interesting.

    One thing you must realise is that the CSA operate above the law. The organisation was designed that way. The frustration they cause is all part of the plan to create conflict between PWC and NRP. The purpose is to raise money for the EU and British government. The issue of child poverty is a smokescreen only. They is no such thing in this country. The CSA is driving people into property and it is a merciless organisation. The problems it has were manufactured so don’t be fooled into thinking NRP’s or PWC’s are the creators of the problems you encounter.

    You will find much of your human rights being breached by this draconian organisation, which incidently is a for profit comapany and not a true governement organisation. They work in collusion with the court system, banks and many other organisations to bring down our once beautiful society. The plan is to destroy social cohesion. Have you not noticed how the cost of living is going up whilst people’s salaries remain the same, people losing their jobs or wages decrease? Its all part of the plan to destroyed the fabric of our society to enable government to control you and me. Where will it all end? Control of the majority of us by a relative few and oppression beyond human comprehension.

    The system was created by a piece of European Directive known as the Child Support Act 1991. Its the EU’s plan to rob us all of our money and possessions.

    Please make every effort to stay together and make up with ex-partners. Makes friends and try to work things out yourselves. You now have the opportunity to make personal agreements between yourselves. That’s the best option. Dont be greedy for money PWC’s and support your children NRP’s.

    We need to work together to bring down this evil empire.

    Need legal advice to fight against the system? Then call 0871 750 2130 or email [email protected] today.

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