What happens with CSA now I’m unemployed?

September 13, 2015

I have just lost my job – i cant earn any benefits until 13 weeks time, CSA have said they will put me on nil rate until i find a job or earn jobseekers allowance. My question is – i have paid 9 years full payments based on salary and only now have i affected my payments – when i am put on nil rate – do i have to repay back the months i have missed due to unemployment? Will i be in arrears?

Csa couldnt answer me straight!…


  • Gonk says:

    The csa vultures don’t let you off the hook just because you lost your job mate.
    You will start accruing arrears from the day you lost your job. They will bleed you for that on top of whatever they re assess for when you find work
    Good luck

  • Lisa says:

    If your unemployed the payments end and arrears suspended until you go back into work! I get the feeling you maybe lucky getting a nil assessment and your csa run case will go for closure! Your ex will then have to pay if she opens a new case under the new scheme

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