What happens when the dad suddenly comes out of the woodwork?

April 24, 2014

My sons father is supposed to get him every weekend but rarely does.

He will also some times tell me about an hour before he’s supposed to come and get him that he wants him that weekend.

I was wondering if when he has no contact with me for weeks then decides to be a daddy out of no where am I allowed to deny him from getting him that particular day because he didn’t give me proper notification?


  • Gonk says:

    His loss if he screws with his kids heads, but honestly, what the hell is a solicitor going to do ? If the guy don’t want to see his kids for whatever reasons, no one can make him, what’s the solicitor going to do….smack his hand lol….fine him….put him in jail…lol…..get real the lot of you. No action by any body will help here. The child still won’t get to see his/her dad, so what’s the point in getting them involved.

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