What happens when the child that I’m paying for moves out?

May 8, 2014

Hi I pay CSA directly through my wages to my ex but since 1st April my daughter has been staying with her boyfriend.

She is 16 and at college my ex will not give her any money as he says he is not getting any benefits but yet I am still getting payments taken from my wages.

How do I stop this?


  • jo says:

    You need to ring child benefit fraud hotline, as long as this is being paid to the pwc then csa will not cease and they will not accept a statement from the child….been there with my husbands daughter not living at home.

  • Linda says:

    The CSA are so hard to get anything done and really do not care I have yet to talk to someone that knows what they are talking about there. Called the CSA to state the above and they told me to call the child benefit to see it ex is still getting paid so I did only to be told the CSA should have not told me this as they have ways of checking and due to data protection.I have now had to report fraud.

    it only took them four years to give me money back due to an overpayment that they took by mistake and gave to my ex but when it did get sorted I have to receive small amount as ex claiming the full amout would cause hardship, this was the CSA fault and had to put in a complaint several times.

    I am for paiying for any child that is mine but there should be another system and the CSA should no longer exist.

  • jo says:

    Hi Linda….hopefully when this new system comes into force things ‘might’ improve.

    child benefit should monitor this type of fraud more closely, especially with education institutions and work together with the csa. Data protection should not be used as a tool to commit benefit fraud and a nrp when paying maintenance has a right to know what is happening.

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