What happens when my child goes to university?

June 27, 2014

My daughter is 16, due to turn 17 in march.

She has been accepted for a university course starting from july/aug.

When will i stop paying csa and will this stop automatically?


  • Sara says:

    Uni cancels out csa so case should close

  • Sara says:

    Sorry should have said you need to ring csa and tell them QC is off to uni csa should
    stop Aug/Sept

  • Bill says:

    University courses normally start September or October.
    Child benefit should cease the 1st Monday in September.
    Child maintenance liability should cease that week.
    Make sure you call the CSA the week before ask them to check child benefit and close the case.

  • gary carter says:

    hello my daughter is 18 19 in august I think she as finish collage but not sure when do I stop paying the csa or how do I find out if she as finish collage or if she going to do other collage couse how long do I pay for

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