What happens when another man’s name is on the birth certificate?

March 15, 2015

My son has recently found out he has a daughter who is now 5 years old, he has been paying regular voluntary child support maintenance for a few months now and had access visits to his daughter.

He is now unemployed and found the payments really difficult to keep up with but is trying his utmost.

The problem is another man’s name is named on his daughter’s birth certificate as the father and now the mother has threatened to take my son to CSA.

Please help as I am really worried about my son.


  • CSA Warrior says:

    I love this one.
    this will be long

    my starting point at tyhis time is that the CSA cant do F. All unless your son takes a DNA test. because what she has done is a crimminal offence same applies to him. she has totally screwed herself. They both signed a legal declaration.

    start by getting a copy of the birth certificate. it will cost but it will be worth every penny. it will be evidence.

    then comes the choice. if your suspicion is correct your son can indeed take a dna test. he can then apply for all parental rights including a contact order. but then he will have to start paying. Any family court will question quite rigorouly why another man is on the birth certificate. doesnt look to good for she.

    the alternative is this other dude signed to say he is the dad so he should be paying. but then your son cant make any claim that he is the dad on the same grounds. there is no proof other than the DNA test

    in the same way that a mother does not have to take a dna test the same applies to fathers. the CSA presumtion is negated by the birth certificate signed by the mother making the claim.

    ironically if this pair part company she would be making a claim off him for csa. and there would be nothing he couold do other than admit the afore mentioned fraud.

    so its your sons choice take a dna test and be a dad or not but then dont ever make a parental claim regarding the child.

    choose wisely.

    no matter what is ex is sooooooooo stupid

  • CSA Warrior says:

    having re read your post. if your son is already paying and bonding with the child morally he has to take the test.

    doesnt change the fact that the ex is soooooo stupid

    she would not have a case to present to the CSA given the birth certificate and quite frankly she could be on a scam

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